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[22 Nov 2015|10:44am]

so, who is going to see them next year?
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CloseToCure crew at The Cure show :) [16 Jun 2012|08:32pm]

CloseToCure (unofficial russian fan-club The Cure) presents: The Cure live show at Maxidrom music festival. Moscow, Tushino, 2012.06.11.


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I <3 The Cure [26 Apr 2012|09:39pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Joined because... i simply love The Cure, it's my favorite band like most of you here ^_^
Everyday i listen to them, i can't go a day without listening to them :) and when i'm not listening to their music it's playing 
in my mind! :D haha my favorite song from them would be Just Like Heaven <3 a guy i really liked dedicated this song to me
and it just became my most favorite song even more!!! :] sweet guy too ^_^ 
I am glad to find a group that loves The Cure as much as i do. 

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A Night with The Cure | 20.01 | "Коридор" [12 Jan 2012|12:43pm]


Мы рады пригласить Вас на вечеринку, посвященную группе The Cure, а также таким направлениям как new wave и post-punk, на наш взгляд наиболее прогрессивному, царивщему в музыкальном мире 70-х и 80-х.
Всю ночь для Вас песни Роберта Смита во всевозможных интерпретациях, а также все самое интересное от Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division и других артистов в исполнении IceCreamDisco Dj’s.
Помимо музыки, в программе трансляция достаточно раритетных фильмов про The Cure и post-punk на большом экране и специальная ярмарка тематического мерчендайзинга.


Арт-Пространство "Коридор" ККЗ "Москва"
Триумфальная пл.,
тел.: 1 +7 (495) 228-20-80
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I got my ticket [03 Nov 2011|10:47pm]

For reflections. LA Nov 21st. I am so excited. I saw them in vegas a few years back. The downside is i have a seat in the last row which bums me out but hey its netter then nothing considering the shows all sold out. trust me i was anxiously waiting at 10am for when they went on sale and clicked best available and it was the best i could get.
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[06 May 2011|05:06am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

A quick mix here of two of my loves, English Premier League Football and The Cure.

Robert's football team, Queens Park Rangers (QPR), have just regained promotion to The Premier League for next season.

So congratulations to them and to Robert...Pssst Robert, how about a world tour to celebrate? With the availability of satellite TV you wouldn't even have to miss a match because of it ;).

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The Cure's Greatest Hits DVD [10 Oct 2010|10:21pm]

k, hi everyone

i hope there are members from the USA here, because i am selling my old copy of THE CURE GREATEST HITS DVD, on my EBay page:

i don't really need it, so i hope someone can take it off my hands. <.< my loss is your gain. (i never really got into the cure. no offense. i have nothing against them.)

and while i'm here, i might as well mention: if you have loose DVDs laying around and could use 2 blank DVD cases, i'm selling that here:

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THECURE [05 Aug 2010|02:48pm]

I never thought much of The Cure I only knew thier famous hit Just Like Heaven.I remember browsing music and I ran into thier album Pornography since then I've been in love with thier music. Like thier albums Faith and Seventeen Seconds but, Pornography is just the best!
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[08 Jan 2010|06:28am]

oh man, what has become of my community! it's so quiet here since The Cure seem to be in hibernation. it must be all the snow. not much on the news front other than more remasters coming out soon[ish]?

have any of you read Roger's Disintegration memories? some interesting recollections, especially Tim Burton asking Robert to do the music for Edward Scissorhands and Rob not knowing who he was. tragic.
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Cure accept NME Godlike Genius award [22 Nov 2009|03:41am]

[ mood | proud ]

i posted this on fbook and some people hadn't seen it yet so i'll post it here, too, incase anyone else missed it.

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good to know someone is out there, spreading the gospel of the dark lord... [19 Nov 2009|12:28am]

[ mood | youtubing alot ]

you've seen the dark lord?

i cant help but see this character as a fat middle aged (although dom joly isnt, i believe) Richmond from the IT crowd.

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Ahhhh rent - A bunch of old school cure goodies for sale: [29 Oct 2009|06:51pm]

I'm selling some of my rare cure (and related...siouxsie, strange boutique, etc...) records and stuff. I'll probably be listing some more over the next week or so ( a unused ticket from a florida show in 2000, a kissing tour program...).

Here are the links to what I have so far: the bloodflowers necklace, the lament flexipop, five swing live, a t-shirt from the Dublin Crystal Palace show of the 1990 tour and a peel sessions purple vinyl 7" .
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41 Robert Icons [18 Oct 2009|10:13pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

[049] Clueless
[018] The Cutting Edge
[033] Freaks and Geeks (from [info]fng_stillness)
[041] Robert Smith
[049] Strictly Ballroom
[026] Tomb of the Cybermen (Doctor Who)

Found here.

[293] Second Doctor Era. Two, Jamie, Cybermen, Zoe, Victoria, The Brig.

And here.

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[07 Oct 2009|04:40pm]

Just so you are aware today is apparently unofficially "Cure Day" on thequestionclub. We have had one person announce they didn't like The Cure in an entry. This then brought about a poll about your age group and feelings about The Cure and then an absolute regurgitation of stereotypes that assumed The Cure are only responsible for depressing music, which, when challenged the poster eased slightly to "Oh not all of their music, just the majority of it is."

Some people have provided youtube videos to show the original poster is incorrect in their assumptions, but as their edit says they are not willing to watch them. The link to it all is here. To think I thought it was us gothic Cure fans that were supposed to be stubborn and unyielding ;).
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Great Video from 1984 [30 Sep 2009|09:17pm]

Here is a great TV performance from 1984. So psychedelic...Anyway, what does everyone think? Is that Mary up front @ 4:22? Sure looks quite a bit like her.

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Icon Post [12 Sep 2009|11:15am]

[ mood | working ]

Hope you enjoy, also, if anyone has any advice for me on how to make better icons, I'd love that. By the way, 'dead space' is not an icon, it's just a filler, please don't take it, haha. Unfortunately, I think I pretty much tapped out on my Robert Smith icons, most of them are pretty much crap; sorry guys.

[30] Marilyn Manson
[13] The Cure - Robert Smith
[16] Slipknot
[20] Manzin
- http://manzin.net/ for more information/pictures

Requirements are:
Credit me if you are using them, especially outside of livejournal.
Please don't hotlink the images
Comments are not at all required but are always appreciated and responded to :).



Enter the dope showCollapse )

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Goth juice! [11 Sep 2009|04:12pm]


Seems TOTALLY off topic, but it's not!!! Take a look at this product description and tell me it doesn't give you false hope, and tempt you to buy it! Anything that brings me closer to dancing in a castle with Robert is good in my eyes... ;)

Haha, I totally discovered it by mistake. I've really been getting into Lush products and when I saw that it made me deeply happy. Wanted to share it with my fellow Cure-lovers! :)
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Cure Shirt For Sell on eBay [29 Jul 2009|03:56pm]

I thought some of you might be interested.


Bidding starts at $30.00
I know that's a high place to start bidding, but this shirt is worth at least that much to me. I snagged it off eBay a few years ago for $80

More PicturesCollapse )
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SURFS UP DOOD [19 Jul 2009|12:38pm]

has anybody else seen this?

with that being said, i hope everyone is having a nice summer!
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Ex-Cure News! [13 Jul 2009|07:11pm]

According to his Facebook, Perry Bamonte is now engaged!!

He even hints at a Las Vegas wedding!
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funny :) [01 Jul 2009|12:07pm]


Какую машину вы водите?
What car do you drive?

Я вожу внедорожники примерно года с 1980-го. Лучшая машина, которая у меня когда-либо была - это Lada, импортированная из России в 1981 г., на кузове которой было два телефонных номера, и оба на русском. Еще у нее была самая горячая печка в мире. Я время от времени катаюсь по бездорожью, не как все, а ночью,  по полям, в нетрезвом состоянии. Первую такую прогулку я совершил во время записи альбома Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me в 1986-м, умудрившись скатиться на "Ниве" со склона горы, причем в машине со мной была вся группа.

I've driven four-wheel-drive cars, since about 1980. The best car I've ever had was a Lada imported from Russia in 1981, which had two dials on it, both in Russian, and the world's hottest heater. I go off-roading occasionally, not properly, but drunkenly at night, across fields. I first did it when we were doing the Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me album in 1986 and I managed to roll the Lada down a mountainside with the whole band in it with me.

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The Cure Anniversary [22 Jun 2009|03:46pm]


The track Anniversary from The Cure (2004) is review for non-singles masterpieces

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[21 Jun 2009|01:14pm]

Has Robert mentioned having a Twitter? I know there's robert_j_smith, which 3,000 people have followed for some reason when the impostor is NOT TYPING IN CAPS and has a very poor grasp of English. The only other one that looks more likely is smith_robert and 2,000 are following somebody who has never updated and is only following some random bloke from Sussex but his name IS IN CAPS!!

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The Cure - A Forest (Indie Nebo remix) [17 Jun 2009|01:21pm]

New Remix!
The Cure - A Forest (Indie Nebo remix)
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[06 Jun 2009|03:56am]

what happened to that 'dark' album Robert promised to release around his birthday?
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Happy 30th Anniversary, Three Imaginary Boys! [08 May 2009|10:51am]

Simon is wearing a neckerchief! Robert is wearing hot pink pants! And a really good version of Grinding HaltThree Imaginary Boys and Killing An Arab.

Edited For Duh- ness.
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Coachella'09 live [22 Apr 2009|03:08pm]

The last minutes of Coachella'09. Last songs of The Cure setlist.

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the cure unstoppable, so they just pulled the plug... [21 Apr 2009|02:53am]

And still the world's undefeated, undisputed heavy weight champion...

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Party after the Vegas show! [08 Apr 2009|11:48pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Thought I'd pass this along for any of you who are going to the Vegas show. This isn't a "Cure afterparty" specifically, but the music should suit the interests of the average Cure fan. I'll definitely be there!

One night only!

Friday 4/17/09

DJs Style & Grendel
Beauty Bar
517 Fremont St., Las Vegas


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Lady Sovereign's New Album!! [02 Apr 2009|04:04pm]

Lady Sovereign is back with her new album, "Jigsaw", being released on April 7th in the US and April 13th in the UK. It features "I Got You Dancing" and "So Human" which samples The Cure!! It's a GREAT track!

If you pre-order the album now on iTunes, you get bonus remix tracks of "I Got You Dancing",

Click here to pre-order!!
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The Cure Live Band Karaoke : Reserve Your Song For Berlin [02 Apr 2009|09:05pm]

It`s ready. One of 150 buttons is waiting for you!!

and you can now request and reserve your Song you want to sing or play on 25th of april at the big The Cure Party in Berlin with Cureproject.

Click here: http://www.the-cure-party.de/karaoke
Feel free and get in touch with us.

Cheers :-)

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[23 Mar 2009|12:24pm]

is anybody going to Coachella to see The Cure?
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And for those of you that don't use facebook... [19 Mar 2009|06:09pm]


One Hundred Years
A night like this, dedicated to The Cure

Charlie Sometimes
Start Time:
21 April 2009 at 19:00
End Time:
22 April 2009 at 01:00
The Good Ship, NW6 7JR
289 Kilburn High Road
London, United Kingdom


On Tuesday 21st April 2009, The Cure's Robert Smith celebrates his 50th birthday. May marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the first Cure LP, Three Imaginary Boys, and 20 years since arguably their finest album, Disintegration, stumbled blinking into the daylight.

As lifelong fans of The Cure, we thought we'd have a party to celebrate! And so One Hundred Years - 50 plus 30 plus 20, you see - is born.

DJs including Charlie Sometimes (The Fly), One Imaginary Girl (The Luminaire), M (TheQuietus.com), All Cats DJ (Club Hell) and probably some other lovely like minds will be playing Cure tracks old and new all evening, from crackly old bootleg vinyl to shiny mp3.

Expect a wheelbarrow full of classic singles and album tracks, a fair smattering of obscurities, a-sides, b-sides, seasides, insides and outsides.

It's an "Upstairs Room" and there's plenty of space to sit and chat, stand and sway or throw your foot on the dancefloor. Don't be shy now: dance like you can't hear the beat...

Door tax: £3, free before 9pm...

NB Anyone planning on going to see The Eden House at The Luminaire, your Lumi hand stamp/ticket stub will get you into The Good Ship for a reduced price of £2 after the gig!
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MTV's ICON [04 Mar 2009|10:02am]

did anyone see that show on MTV called ICON? there was an amazing episode featuring THE CURE and all these bands (razorlight, the deftones etc. etc.) played cure songs in tribute as robert smith and the band watched. then they (THE CURE) went up and played a few songs themselves to close the show. it was AMAZING.

my question is, does anyone know if copies of that show is available, and if so where i can get it? maybe dvd or....?

- daniel
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Lady Sovereign sampled The Cure... [27 Feb 2009|02:50pm]

has anyone heard the song that lady sov did called "so human" that samples "close to me"? i'm loving it. i think the video makes me like it more. what do you guys think?

Lady Sovereign - So Human

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[27 Feb 2009|01:15pm]

I have the most badass friend EVER.

He bought me a ticket to the show in Tampa last year... and flew down from NY to go with me...

And this year he just bought us two tickets to the Vegas show and he's flying me out there for it.

Um... Best friend ever? y/y?
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[27 Feb 2009|06:04pm]

there's a Cure tribute cd/covers compilation free with this weeks NME, for once a few decent bands have contributed! checkit. it's a shame there no Jesu's version of Funeral Party or Bat for Lashes A Forest, i really loved those. you can listen to them here tho... myspace.com/perfectascats.

anyone else goto the O2 gig last night? i thought it was great hearing Want. i'd never seen them play that live before.
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Sat Feb 28 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party with The Cure/Siouxsie Fest - Toronto [26 Feb 2009|01:23pm]


Sat Feb 28, 2009
PANIC - the ultimate retro party
Basement - 178 Bathurst St - Toronto
doors @ 10pm 19+ event
$5 before 11pm $10 after
web: http://www.djlazarus.com
facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8256055823&ref=ts
facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=77305280336&ref=ts

mainroom: DJ Lazarus spins the kind of retro that changed your life
frontroom: The Cure & Siouxsie Fest 2009 with DJ Griz
March 7 - DARKRAVE v.105 *ALL AGES* - GLOW PARTY - We take over the entire Big Bop building!
March 21 - Fetish Masquerade - Human Zoo - Get in Touch with your animal side (Furry Fun)
March 28 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party - frontroom: Duran Duran vs OMD vs Human League *6 Year Anniversary Event*
April 4 - DARKRAVE v.106 *ALL AGES* - Theme: Psycho Circus - AYRIA (live)
April 11 - EBM PARTY 17 *3 Year Anniversray Event* sideroom: Chris Way (retro)
April 18 - Fetish Masquerade - theme: Metal & Rubber: Long Live the New Flesh!
April 25 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party - frontroom: Music & Bands from John Hughes Movies
May 2 - DARKRAVE v.107 *ALL AGES* - theme: Angels & Demons
May 9 - EBM Party 18 frontroom: Jimi LaMort (electro house)
May 16 - Fetish Masquerade - theme: Corsets *12 Year Anniversary Event*
May 23 - Super Turbo Special Cool SYNTHPOP SATURDAY (Toronto's ONLY synthpop event)
May 30 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party - frontroom: Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, and Peter Murphy
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Robert Silhouettes? [20 Feb 2009|07:15pm]


Once again I am making some Robert-inspired art and I need some nice full body silhouettes of him.  Do any of you have or know where I can find some photos of him where his body is distinctly separated from the background and he's in an attractive standing position?

Thanks for any help you can give me.  If anything good comes of it I'll post it here.

The last time I asked for help in finding the kinds of photos of Robert that I needed for my project I had a lot of very helpful responses.  I ended up making this papercut.

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[20 Feb 2009|09:51pm]

The Cure Party in Berlin / The Cure Live Band Karaoke / After Party

It is that time again! The night that all Cure fans have been waiting for!

"A Further Strange Night - 50 Imaginary Years!"

On April 25 we will celebrate the 50th birthday of The Cure Frontman, Robert Smith, with a Live Concert featuring The Cure Cover Band "Cureprojct" integrating The Cure Live Band Karaoke und naturally a Party that will last until the wee hours of the morning!

Just like the previous year we will be celebrating the Sound, the Look und the Feeling that is The Cure! The music will be provided by out resident Cure experts Wilco, DJ Ørlög as well as a guest DJ.

They will delve deep into the their collections to play not only all the “Hits” but those rarities, b-sides, remixes and little gems that will get you reminising about the past but most importantly get you onto the dance floor.
Naturally, you can expect a limited edition Button for those who arrive early at, A Further Strange Night V - 50 Imaginary Years.

As always you can expect the fashions to be eyepopping and the hair to be perfectly styled!

To quote a long time Cure Party guest, “If you don’t come to these parties, you’re not a true Cure Fan“. The 25th April is clearly a date to cross on your calendar!

Further information: http://www.the-cure-party.de

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Take them, but let me know. :) [17 Feb 2009|09:23pm]

::massive Robert icon spill::Collapse )
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Wooo Roger! [06 Feb 2009|08:54pm]

From the Wired.com blog: From The Cure to The Silver Box, Roger O'Donnell Synthesizes the Digital-Analog Divide

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Cure Night @ Feeling Gloomy [03 Feb 2009|04:38pm]

[ mood | excited ]

F.A.O. LONDON Cure Fans!!!
22:30 - 04:00
Cure Night @ Feeling Gloomy
O2 Islington Academy 2 (Upstairs in the N1 centre, next to Vue cinema)
16 Parkfield Street
N1 0PS

Nearest tube: Angel

"The Cure are back in town! To celebrate their return to London, Feeling Gloomy is putting on a special Cure night. We'll be playing lots of lovely tunes by them in amongst the usual Gloomy bangers. Expect: Friday I'm In Love, Love Cats and Pictures Of You. Don't expect... Dancing Queen!"

Facebook Event: http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=47617158982

Feeling Gloomy Website: http://feelinggloomy.com/main.html

Ticketweb: http://ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=301195

Hope to see you all there! :D

And afterwards Slimelight has a TradGoth floor on @ Electrowerkz
Here's the Facebook group for it: http://facebook.com/group.php?gid=23119043335

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Question [28 Jan 2009|08:43pm]

Does anyone know if the song One Hundred Years is based on the book One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I know Robert based Killing An Arab on The Stranger by Camus, just thinking he might have penned One Hundred Years with said book in mind.
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bio-pictures or movies? [26 Jan 2009|01:53pm]

can anyone tell me what movies or bio-pics have been made about robert or the cure?
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CURE [25 Jan 2009|08:31pm]

[ mood | amused ]

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Morrissey & Robert unexpectedly meet on the street somewhere near Piccadilly Circus: [22 Jan 2009|08:02am]


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Happy 30th Anniversary, The Cure! [12 Jan 2009|02:34pm]

This is from Underneath The Stars:

"Friday, January 9, 2009
Happy 30th Anniversary Book

We want to thank the Cure for 30 years of amazing music and all that they do for their fans! Since many of us are attending the O2 arena show in February, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to collect the thoughts and well wishes of Cure fans worldwide and put them into a book to be given to the Cure in London. If you'd like to participate in this project, please read the following directions:

Your page should be:

No bigger than a standard 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper
Single sided only please
Can be on any kind of paper
Please hand-write or decorate your page.
Personalize it in some way. Who are you? Where are you from?
Page and decorations should be no thicker than 1/8"
Can contain both photos and decorations
Should have some expression of thanks or congratulations somewhere on the page
Please don't laminate your page

Please no:
Nudity, slash or offers of marriage LOL
"I love you Robert" or "I love you Simon"
Yes, we know. We all do. But please try to make your page something special that the band will enjoy reading.

Pages must be received no later than Feb. 13th, 2009

Send to:
Rev. Heron
3464 W 3800 South
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm totally doing this. Anybody else in? Share them on here when yours is done.
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attempting to compile myspace show videos.. [18 Dec 2008|12:50am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

cos now they seem to be popping up everywhere! 

personally, for those where its available (i will mark with a *), i recommend copy+pasting the url in your browser and watching it in "high quality".. as it improves the sound vaastly.  sometimes it makes a world of difference! 

lots of vids under cut! Collapse )

HOPEFULLY we can uncross more of these off when they surface... and im trying to think positive thoughts that there are in fact more.
special lj shoutouts go to youtube users "ThatCrazyCureGirl" - "issuesmg" - "sovereignglory" -&- "caterpillargrrl" without whom i could not have made this post and without whom we couldnt imagine just how awesome it was. other people also contributed but these girls (assuming sovereign is a lady) really did their share of footage! THANK YOU! 

x-posted to kingsizedrobert (sorryflist)

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because its hawt [15 Dec 2008|09:20pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The Real Snow White from the myspace secret show--


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