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attempting to compile myspace show videos..

cos now they seem to be popping up everywhere! 

personally, for those where its available (i will mark with a *), i recommend copy+pasting the url in your browser and watching it in "high quality".. as it improves the sound vaastly.  sometimes it makes a world of difference! 

Underneath the Stars, no vids (yet?!)
Pictures of You, no vids (yet?!)

The Perfect Boy, nope
alt.end, nope

*The Reasons Why,

and for the didnt-get-in experience (SHUT UP I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE SAID)

*The Walk,
(HQ available but, as scarlett said last time, scary audio, be warned)

The End of the World, nope


*Real Snow White,

Hungry Ghost,

From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, no  (cept for the end of the last one)
The Only One, no
Wrong Number, no

*Sleep When I'm Dead,
(omg simon porns! and in HQ!)

(snippets, better than nothing!)

Friday I'm In Love, no

*Inbetween Days,

Just Like Heaven,
The Scream,
One Hundred Years,
It's Over.


1st encore: "its saturday night, and simon wants pop"

this second one has HQ-

Let's Go To Bed,
Close To Me,

Why Can't I Be You?

2nd encore:
*A Forest,

Boys Don't Cry,

Jumping Someone Else's Train,

*Grinding Halt,
(SOO GLAD SOMEONE GOT THIS i love the way they played it on this tour... and hooray for crazy lyrics)

10:15 Saturday Night,

*Killing Another.
(kinda bad sound but totally ecompasses the "rock god" status they have when playing it... i went apeshit crazy when they did it at my gig)

"thank you, it was fucking great!"


HOPEFULLY we can uncross more of these off when they surface... and im trying to think positive thoughts that there are in fact more.
special lj shoutouts go to youtube users "ThatCrazyCureGirl" - "issuesmg" - "sovereignglory" -&- "caterpillargrrl" without whom i could not have made this post and without whom we couldnt imagine just how awesome it was. other people also contributed but these girls (assuming sovereign is a lady) really did their share of footage! THANK YOU! 

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