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no-one will ever take your place

i am lost in you

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creator: loveless
10:15 saturday night, 4:13 dream, 65 days of static, a chain of flowers, a forest, a night like this, a.s. byatt, albert camus, alfred lord tennyson, alternative rock, and also the trees, andy anderson, arthur koestler, arthur rimbaud, b-sides, babacar, bauhaus, beachy head, big hair, billy corgan, blackpool, bloodflowers, blue sunshine, boris williams, boys don't cry, boys in eyeliner, brandon lee, brian molko, charles baudelaire, charlotte sometimes, cocteau twins, concerts, cranes, crow, cult hero, cure, cure icons, cure tattoos, cured, dark wave, david bowie, depeche mode, dinosaur jr., disintegration, dream pop, dylan thomas, easy cure, edgar allen poe, faith, fools dance, franz kafka, freakshow, friday i'm in love, goth, goth juice, gothic, gothic rock, head on the door, hermann hesse, homesick, ian curtis, interpol, it's over, jack kerouac, jason cooper, jean-paul sartre, jimi hendrix, joy division, just like heaven, killing an arab, kiss me kiss me kiss me, labyrinth, levinhurst, lol tolhurst, london, lost wishes, lovecats, lyrics, malice, matthieu hartley, mervyn peake, michael dempsey, mogwai, morrissey, my bloody valentine, new order, new wave, other voices, percy bysshe shelley, perry bamonte, phil thornalley, pictures of you, pixies, placebo, porl thompson, pornography, post-punk, psychedelic furs, queens park rangers, radiohead, reeves gabrels, robert smith, roger o'donnell, schecter, sensational alex harvey band, seventeen seconds, shoegaze, simon gallup, siouxsie and the banshees, siouxsie sioux, sirensong, sleep when i'm dead, smudged lipstick, south park, standing on a beach, staring at the sea, steve severin, suicide, sylvia plath, the caterpillar, the crow, the cure, the cure icons, the cureheads, the glove, the hanging garden, the hungry ghost, the joker, the kinks, the only one, the perfect boy, the real snow white, the reasons why, the same deep water as you, the scream, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the top, the x-files, thecure, this twilight garden, three imaginary boys, to wish impossible things, uk, underneath the stars, vinyl, wild mood swings, wish